The Velveteen Rabbit

Velveteen Rabbit Flyer 22Oct2015RectoA


Based on the beloved story by Marjory Williams

for violin, viola & narrator

music by Colin Pip Dixon


Libby Skala (Narrator)

Arnaud Ghillebaert (Viola)

Colin Pip Dixon (Violin)




A beloved story… Enchanting music…

In the spirit of Peter and the Wolf, The Velveteen Rabbit is a unique concert experience for children (and any adult with the heart of a child). Simply staged, music and story intertwine; a violinist, a violist and a storyteller bring to life this profound tale of what it means to be “Real”. In a time where there is an overabundance of visual stimulation, The Velveteen Rabbit invites us to listen and let the words and the notes spark our imagination. Created in the belief that children have the right to quality, beauty, intelligence, and depth… and that magical experiences with “classical” music at a young age stay with us throughout our lives!

Libby Skala photo by Marisa Jane

Performed in London  with Laura Shipler Chico at Goodenough College

and in Paris with Cécile Nicolon (French version) at several schools in Paris and it’s suburbs.

and also in Paris with Cécile Maudet with the group Fra Angelico

Arnaud Ghillebaert & Colin Pip Dixon, photo by Rodney Damon II

Arnaud Ghillebaert & Colin Pip Dixon, photo by Rodney Damon II

Excerpts from performance in Paris:

There is also a version for Chamber Orchestra and Narrator