Chekhov Triptych – three Chekhov stories in concert

Music by Colin Pip Dixon

Adaptation by Dominique Rozan

Performed in Paris (Gallérie Blue Square, Salon Michelin), New York City (Bechstein Hall & All Angels’ Church) & Boston (Calderwood Pavillion at the Boston Center for the Arts).

Music that tells a story… Stories that become music…

I. What if you suddenly discovered that you had the winning lottery ticket?

II. After having lived through a quiet tragedy, an old coach driver’s only companion in the big city is his horse.

III. As the toboggan flies into the abyss he whispers “I love you, Nadia!” Or was it only the wind?

Powerful, tender, funny and heartbreaking

with MacIntyre Dixon (in English) and Dominique Rozan (in French)